About Us

It all started more than a decade ago when Paula and Michael went on a road trip up the coast, and came home with a truck load of mid-century furniture, much to both of their surprise. Thankfully Paula had the eye and Michael had the back-ground and know-how to turn that furniture into a business, with its humble beginnings in an old converted Woodstock chapel. Over the years Vamp grew into a bustling store, moved premises  and recently welcomed Peter, Michael's brother, to the team. These days, Vamp is no longer a brick and mortar store, instead operating online, with a showroom alongside their factory.

We are so excited to channel our creativity in a slightly different direction and to bring you our new contemporary furniture designs as well as our expanded range of mid-century modern inspired furniture, made in our factory in Woodstock. All the while upholding the excellent quality, attention to detail and service we have become known for.

And don't forget to look out for the occasional original mid-century treasure we may stumble upon along the way - old habits die hard!