Bigger Mini Rug
Bigger Mini Rug
Bigger Mini Rug
Bigger Mini Rug
Bigger Mini Rug
Bigger Mini Rug
Arrange x Yudu

Bigger Mini Rug

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The Curvy Collection is a new rug range designed by Arrange Studio in collaboration with Yudu, a member of the Belgotex family and is now sold at Vamp. Each rug is proudly manufactured locally and made with love in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Their organic, curvy shapes provide a variety of ways to use and enjoy them, and are an easy way to add warmth and texture to any space.


Bigger Mini - 1m x 0.6m  


Rugs are available in 7 standard colours: Chartreuse, Brick, Peach, Blush, Navy, Moss and Stormy Sea. Select your rug's main pile colour and choose between the same colour overlocked edge, or one of the other colours for a contrasting edge.

Turn-around time:

The turn-around time is within 2 - 4 weeks from the date we receive your payment confirmation.  This lead time may change depending on the time of year, material shortages or other constraints, but we will always communicate this to you and getting your order to you will remain our priority


Shipping is included in all the rug prices. Please check out with no shipping. 

How they are made: 

Belgotex’s stainproof SDX yarn starts its journey at master batch where a recipe of nylon pellets are mixed to create the desired colours. At extrusion, the pellets are extruded into fibrous yarn, and then air entangled or twisted and heat set, creating the yarn that they use to tuft the carpets. The nature of the extrusion method means the colour is set through to the core of the yarns, and this is what makes the carpets durable, colour fast and stain proof. Once the carpets have been tufted and backed, the shape of each Curvy rug is carefully hand cut and checked for any imperfections. They overlock the edges in the yarn colour of your selection, wrap your rug in recycled plastic waste from the factory, and deliver to your door!

Cleaning your rug: 

A 150ml sample cleaning solution has been included in your order for quick cleaning convenience. The glass spray bottle contains 50% bleach & 50% water. You can use this same ratio to refill your bottle at home. 


  1. Remove as much of the stain as possible by blotting or scraping up. 

  2. Spray the solution directly onto the carpet. Do not soak. 

  3. Blot the surface of the carpet, working from the outside of the stain to the centre. Repeat until the stain disappears.

  4. Spray with water and blot until bleach has been removed.

  5. To absorb any remaining moisture, use folded paper towels weighted with a heavy non-staining object.         

  6. When completely dry, vacuum to restore the pile texture.

Ps: Your rug has been carefully wrapped with the pile of the rug on the outside. Because of the unique shape of your Curvy Rug, you may experience waves on the edges once it is unrolled. Let this settle for a day or two, and you’ll have a beautiful flat rug!